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Campaigning has officially ended in El Salvador: in the final week before elections, political rallies, propaganda, and so forth are prohibited. But dirty campaigns never end… This is one of a series of videos entitled I Won’t Hand Over El Salvador. The images need no translation.

From the January ’09 report: The 2009 El Salvador Elections: From Crisis to Change, by the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El SalvadorUpside Down World, and the North American Congress on Latin America:

The Dirty Campaign

A key element of the current electoral climate is the campaign against the FMLN orchestrated by right-wing organizations notoriously led by the El Salvador branch of Fuerza Solidaria (United Force). Founded in Venezuela, the organization’s primary goal is stopping the leftward political tide in Latin America. In El Salvador, its activities include using print and television ads to defame the FMLN presidential formula.  Early on, Fuerza Solidaria’s ads sought to link the FMLN to Hugo Chávez in Venezuela and claiming an FMLN victory would make El Salvador an enemy of the United States. The ads suggested this would jeopardize cash remittances sent home by Salvadorans as well as threaten the legal immigration status of El Salvador’s “distant brothers” in the United States. One ad even contained clips of an interview with Dan Restrepo, an Obama advisor, speaking about the new President’s concerns about Chávez and his influence in the region, specifically in El Salvador.

The full report is available from these organizations’ websites, and Upside Down World is the best progressive online news magazine on Latin America (in English) I have seen. They will have far more hard news than I’m likely to. Check them out.