utopian story ideas

What would it be like? If human beings lived without any idea of dominating, suppressing or manipulating one another? What if they simply lived: building and maintaining communities, growing and harvesting food, raising children, creating tools, crafts, songs and spectacles and trying to understand more about the nature of existence? What if the concept of surplus value was simply non-existent, as was the idea of power over another? What would be the details, the stories of such a life? Perhaps if more of us could learn to imagine them (as some fine writers have already done: William Morris, Ursula LeGuin, Terry Bisson, Dorothy Bryant, Marge Piercy) we could learn to create them.

Utopian story ideas:

  1. The story of two people who fall in love, after they have lived in the same community as friends for many years, in the process of building a house together.
  2. The story of a group of people who become a functioning gestalt.
  3. A family of town-dwellers journeys through the wilderness, where wilderness dwellers host them. They share stories of the unique aspects of their lives, confounding the expectations of both groups.
  4. The adventures of a traveling circus, interposed with the humorous and mystical stories they perform for their audiences.
  5. While excavating a site for a building, a group of workers discovers artifacts of a completely unknown civilization and tries to make sense of them.
  6. A child comes of age, and must endure trials to do so.
  7. An old couple comes to terms with death.