car radio

It is a song from the 1970s, with long extended guitar solos, a melody that appears and disappears in wild, driving riffs, the musicians locked into their instruments, dueling with one another to take the song to an always farther, deeper, wilder place, and you are driving along the California coast with the blue sea a brilliant promise and it builds and builds as the sun shines brighter and brighter and you are back again in the days when you first heard the song and in your adolescent imagination roads opened up, endless roads, and you were whirled along them with joy in the feel of the wind on your face and the scenery sweeping by like a banner unfurling and the feeling that the song was endless the moment was endless and the song builds and builds until everything is perfectly balanced: guitars, hills, road, wheels, wind, sky all flowing together, and as long as the song keeps on rising and moving toward some kind of unimaginable ecstasy you can almost forget what you’ve learned in the long years since: that all roads eventually end or circle back and the destination can never match the promise of the ride and your ride had no destination anyway so really you were going nowhere at all.