what the indian said

I said to the Indian who was laughing at me: ha-ha, yes I am incompetent in your world, but you are incompetent in my world.

But your world is the ghost world, he replied. My world is the real world. Why would I want to know how to be a ghost?

If my world is the ghost world, and your world is the real world, I snapped back, then why is it your world that is disappearing?

The ghost world is eating it now, he answered. But it can’t eat it all. It will get sick from eating so much and die. And the real world will still be there for me to live in when the ghost world has died and gone away. The real world can’t be killed, it looks dead for a while but it always comes back.

So you better learn how to live in the real world if you don’t want to disappear like a ghost.