what is left to desire of the world

when you sit in sated comfort on a ground sixty millennia deep in bloody corpses, tortured beasts, blighted forests, poisoned springs?

Only to see it come down, all of it, forever, the whole construction, from the annihilating vapidity at the dizzying apex of power to the blooddrenched foundations of steel and stone.

Let it come down, then. But not this time in the hate-spattered promise of another patent holocaust, the tirelessly sequeling unfinal solution, the entropic triumph of vengeful murder on a grand scale, the default template of history, the apocalypse of waste.


Instead, patiently, silently
brick by brick, stone by stone, wire by wire, the disassembling.

Only deep time can promise its fulfillment but here now in the teeming empire of chaos and collapsed time, any one of us can begin this.

Let me begin, then, let everything I think and say henceforth be a minute diminution of the mutant edifice that betrays the only law and hope of living things – diminish entropy, deepen complexity.

Wise as serpents, gentle as doves, let us raise our tiny hands to initiate the work of eons, knowing our hands can do nothing as long as the superstructure holds them fast and so starting (but not ending, never ending, once begun) with the most basic elements, the flashing neurons in our brains.

Let us kindly, humorously, generously, hopefully
dedicate ourselves to life, and

begin to unbecome.