born too soon?

We might be early arrivals in the evolution of life-forms in the universe.

That could explain a lot! No one to guide us, no one to learn from. No wonder we’ve been such blunderers – just about everything we’ve accomplished, for good or ill or both, has an enormous amount of serendipity to it. If we’d had any proper mentors, how would we have had the adolescent folly to attempt to eradicate the wisest societies among us? Those which, after creating some ancient “progress traps” of their own, in hunting too efficiently and so helping to extinguish forever the beasts on which they fed, came to realize that humans were surrounded by thousands of older and deeply knowing alien intelligences called animals and plants, from whom we ought to learn by patient and respectful example…

The ironic thing about the growing obsession with smarter machines, is that smarter machines as they are currently envisioned will not need what we call wisdom, even if they were to be capable of developing it. In the meantime, even as tools, they make wisdom irrelevant for our survival as well. In the consumer society of today, never mind tomorrow, the more successful we are, the more we get to regress till we are almost infantile.